Galileo Exchange.
A day trader’s paradise!
  • Gamification of Financial Markets
  • ‘Frictionless’ Zero-Edge Trading, no spreads-no commissions
  • World’s First Dynamically Tethered Indexes (DTI’s)
  • High Pip Action
  • Bonding Curve $BNB Pegged Tokenomics
  • COPY Gains
  • Trading Tournaments
Our Core Values
Tethered Indexes are just a fraction of what Galileo Exchange brings to the table. As a product made by day-traders for day-traders, its functionality is fully tailored to fit both demands of an experienced trader and a newcomer. The spectrum of what GE offers extends to:
Level playing field
There are many trading platforms that claim to be free from trading fees, but there’s only one platform that can afford not to implement the hidden ones. It’s us, Galileo Exchange. We have developed a sophisticated tokenomics model that allows us to provide a truly zero-edge trading experience.
Little to no people would use “fun” and “day-trading” in one sentence. That is why we did it first. Our engineers have distilled the regular drawling trading to its energetic, arbitrary, and dazzling essence by implementing the ATN index tethering to the real assets.
Galileo Exchange is a young company, but it is also an open gate for the young trader! We share our experience in day-trading while constantly improving our platform. Achieving a universally inclusive environment and a healthy community.
What would Galileo Exchange be if innovation wasn’t one of its key motivators? Galileo Exchange is the first to combine trading with truly engaging mechanics under a tight seal of blockchain technology. This combination of three has prompted a one-of-a-kind trading ecosystem.
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Buy and Sell for the Price You See on the Curve
Galileo Exchange is tailored to withstand a commission-free business model. In order to trade with no fees, no spreads & no slippage, you just need to use the GELT token as the base asset. This way, we create a community of HODLers, who actively profit from commission-free trading plus additional VIP perks.
Instant liquidity is always provided through GELT Bonding Curve, where all ($BNB) funds used to purchase GELT tokens, stay in the pool and never get spent. The token is a continuous bonding curve offering.
Use Dynamic Tethered Indexes to Squeeze more Pips out of Trading
To add more pip action to the stale financial markets, we've innovated it by combining the actual price dynamics of say Bitcoin (BTC) with Atmospheric Noise (ATN), thus creating a Dynamically Tethered Index (ATNBTCUSD). It is restrained to the price dynamics of BTC but with much greater volatility. It makes up for a more rapid and speculative trading experience with scope for greater profits.
Use FunGELT tokens to practice your trading and to win $cash prizes!
FunGelt (FGLT) is a demo of the GELT. It can’t be bought or sold outside of the platform. It is currently a paper trading tool that could be used to prove the legitimacy of Galileo Exchange to any skeptic! Demo the platform for free or have fun in trading challenges using the FGLT token. Galileo Exchange incentivizes its developing userbase to strategize and experiment by sponsoring trading tournaments with prize pools of thousands of dollars!
Learn, Challenge, and Copy other successful Galileo Traders!
Galileo Exchange is actively growing a strong community of trading enthusiasts on social media platforms. We encourage each member to innovate along with us by challenging everyone with trading tournaments! The participants trade with free tokens (FGLT) and win prizes for the highest % Gains. Not so long from now, every trader would be able to mirror the most profitable traders and to essentially copy their % Gains. Galileo Exchange is striving to become a platform for both profit and fun!
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