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Introducing the world's first Dynamic Tethered Indexes (DTI)
Your ticket to a new class of hyper-active high-pip action tradable instruments.
Forex DTI’s
Exclusive to GE high-pip action on
Forex markets.
Crypto DTI’s
Gain more from cryptocurrencies with accelerated price dynamics of GE's crypto indexes.
Stocks DTI’s
Lightning-fast profits from trading Stock & Indices.
What is Galileo Exchange about?
We strive to grant trading a new meaning. Our goal is to create a trading ecosystem that would entertain and treat its users fairly. There’s literally no other trading platform as fast-paced, user-oriented, easy-to-understand, and fun to use. Galileo Exchange is truly, a hybrid of a Crypto exchange, a Blockchain project, and the innovation of accelerated price dynamics

GE is the first to introduce Dynamic Tethered Indexes (DTI), a trading instrument that boosts volatility enabling rapid short-term profits.

To get the full zero-edge experience, we suggest holding and trading using the Gelt Token (GELT), as it frees you from commissions, spreads, slippages and provides great short & long term value for traders and investors.
Zero Fees
Zero Spreads
Accelerated Price Dynamics
Rewarding Trading Tournaments
Social Community
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Galileo Exchange is about opportunities
Dynamic Tethered Indexes are just a fraction of what Galileo Exchange brings to the table. As a product made by day-traders for day-traders, its functionality is fully tailored to fit both demands of an experienced trader and a newcomer. The spectrum of what GE offers extends to:
Accelerated Price Dynamics
Trades last minutes, not hours or days
GELT Token Ecosystem
Eliminate fees and maximize profit by trading with or just holding GELT tokens
Popular Base Assets
Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Commodities, Indices, and Forex
Simple & Engaging Trading Interface
One of a kind functionality allowing to both tailor your risks and have fun
Galileo Exchange Community
Socialize and discuss trading strategies in our ever-growing community
Regular Trading Tournaments
Challenge your strategic approach and win considerable prize pools
Meet COPYGains!
Galileo Exchange has embarked on a mission to make trading universally accessible and engaging. This is why we are developing a new feature giving an option to automatically copy the strategies & % gains of our most successful traders. Stay tuned and you will be able to simply select one of your favorite active traders to be your copy trading partner.
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What are ATN’s and what are DTI’s?

GE is the first to introduce Dynamic Tethered Indexes (DTI). It is an innovative technology that has the ability to speed up the price dynamics of varying assets, thereby boosting volatility and enabling rapid short-term profits.

DTI’s are tokenized indexes created by combining a base currency pair with Atmospheric Noise (ATN), forming a new asset class of digital financial instruments.

Why ATN?

Atmospheric Noise (ATN) is a naturally sourced commodity and is the very definition of True Randomness (TRNG) but when applied to trading, it boosts trading opportunities and provides consistent technical trade setups, and with 100x more daily Pip action than traditional markets.

GE is designed to turn every second into a lucrative trading opportunity.

How to use Galileo?
Simplicity, along with speed and engagement, are our key aspects.
You can make profits on our platform in 5 easy steps.
Choose a derivative from the Hybrid Watchlist
Set the maximum risk amount used for the trade
Determine the points of Take Profit & Stop Loss by moving the slider
Decide whether you expect the price to rise (click BUY) or fall (click SELL)
Finally, keep an eye on the Early Exit offer and exit at your discretion